Painting Realistic Pictures Without Drawing


Do you wish you could paint realistic pictures but have always been put off because you can’t draw? I have created a system which overcomes the drawing problem and opens up a wonderful hobby for people who have always thought it was something they just couldn’t do.

I take the drawing problem away by providing an outline which you transfer to your painting paper. Then with detailed step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photos, I show you exactly how to achieve a fine painting. There are paintings from beginner level 1 to more advanced level 5.

This is real painting, not colouring in or painting by numbers. You learn proper painting skills including the very important skill of blending. Blending means making two colours next to each other merge gradually instead of having a sharp join. For example, the stem of a flower is round, not flat. By blending the colours you can make it appear round. Without blending it would just be flat and not lifelike. Blending is vital to realistic painting, and is widely used to give shape and depth to faces, body parts, flowers, jewels, fruit, wineglasses, and many more.

Some people worry that using an outline is cheating, and that any artist should do all the drawing. I’ll let you into a secret. Many professional painters are not very good at drawing and need help. For a small painting they might take a photo, and trace it so that they can transfer the tracing to the painting surface. For a large painting some artists use a projector to shine an image onto a canvas and draw around it. Others who are better at drawing still don’t draw straight onto their painting paper or canvas. They do the drawing on paper and work on it, rubbing out mistakes and doing it again until they are satisfied it is good enough to transfer. Using a grid of squares to get the proportions right has a long history and was a method employed by some of the great masters. Using some form of drawing aid is very common and you should not in any way feel that there is something wrong with it. It will allow you to achieve a painting that you would have thought was completely beyond your abilities

I did all the paintings with an opaque water paint which is very easy to use. I don’t recommend oil paints for people who are new to this style of painting. They are more difficult to use than water paint. The aim of my method is to show people how to achieve paintings that they would not have thought possible. It is very important that the paint should be easy to use and not involve unnecessary complications. Of course, after building up some experience you might want to explore oil paints. Why not? You never know how far you might go once you have been supported to get started. You might amaze yourself with what you can do!


Share Your Painting Experience With Others


It isn’t easy to select an exterior painting company. You don’t want to take your chances that it isn’t going to work out well. You don’t want to invest your time and money only to be disappointed with the outcome. Hopefully, you took the time to find someone based on the feedback of others and free estimates. Then the work was done and you are happy with it.

Now it is your turn to share that painting experience with others. It is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the exterior painting company you hired. Too often, people don’t think about sharing the good things about such services. Yet they think to do it when they aren’t happy and want to warn others about possible problems.

Complete it Soon

Don’t put off getting your review out there for others to read. Many other consumers will be looking to hire an exterior painting company like that one. They will be looking for current reviews that show the company has done recent work that has rave reviews. Complete it soon after the work is done so you don’t put it on a back burner and forget about it.

Completing it right away also allows you to do so while the information is still fresh in your mind. What is it about that particular exterior painting company that you really liked? What did they do that made you hire them from the start and then be grateful you did in the end? Gather your thoughts and then get it written!

Stick to the Facts

Your review of an exterior painting company doesn’t have to be lengthy but it should flow well. Stick to the facts and talk about how you contacted them, communication, the outcome of the job, the overall value for the price, and communication with them. These are the types of things that others will be looking for before they hire such a service provider.

If they went out of their way to complete something for you, talk about that. When a company goes the extra mile, it speaks volumes about their customer service. It means they take the time to handle each customer uniquely and not rushing to get the job done with the same format for all of them.

Talk about how long it took them to get the job done too. Many people worry that their business will be disrupted for too long with the work being done. This is why they drag their feet to get it done. Reading your review about how timely it was done may be the encouragement they need.

Give your Information

To add more credibility to your review, include your business name or your name. Don’t be surprised if someone contacts you down the road to ask about the exterior painting company you hired. They may want to come see the work themselves before they hire them. They may ask you if the paint is still holding up and looking great now compared to when it was done.

Sharing your information about such a provider can help them to grow their business. It can help them to create a wonderful reputation and to keep their business moving in the right direction. Think about your own business branding efforts and ways you work hard to keep your customers happy. They are doing all they can to keep customers happy.

This allows them to get repeat business from earlier customers. It also encourages new customers to contact them for jobs. They would love to have a full calendar of painting jobs on the schedule. Marketing efforts alone though won’t get that done. They depend on the feedback from their customers to help make it happen.


Paint My Photo Digital Applications Compared With Traditional Handmade Photo to Painting Quality


I was deciding what gift to get my Mother for her Birthday, I wanted to make this year special, she is mad about art so a painting of her favorite Horse from a quality photograph was the best idea and the choice for me was: Do I go all in for traditional a hand-painted piece or do I decide to get a digital version?

I really don’t know anything about painting digitally so I needed to do my research to find out how a digital version would fare now days with the traditional method I know so well. And here is what I found:

You can find companies on the internet that act as an intermediary with selected artists whom work from their own studios often from home that will paint my photo by hand. Professional university graduate artists with degrees in fine art will paint from your digital photo, which I found can be quite pricey to commission your own artist. Then there is the alternative to have the outline printed first and filled in digitally by using software to do so like illustrator coral painter or Photoshop. This can be referred to as a ‘realistic mixed-media’ painting – but there is a difference I found between certain techniques that can be applied using a computer.

Distinctions from a Digital paint system to a Digital paint program

Until I did this research I wasn’t aware that there was any kind of difference in painting using a computer program BUT there is in fact a distinct difference between a ‘digital paint system and a digital paint program and a the paint program is incorporated into the paint system. The following I am going to convey to you in the most simplistic language possible as this is all new to me too! So I will be explaining in my own basic dialect.

When an artist uses his screen to draw or paint an outline by hand with a digital pen and then fill in all the colors this is what is called using a ‘digital paint program’ – then either printed out on a very high quality laser or ink-jet printer or robotics are used to actually paint on traditional materials like linen or cotton once the artist has finished on the screen using a digital program as mentioned above. The companies out there that offer mixed-media portraits and paintings will not be so advanced as to be using robotics I don’t think but for the sake of this being a comprehensive detailed article it has to be mentioned. You can see a much more detailed explanation on Wikipedia at the bottom of this article for your reference.

This is as close to the real thing as you can get in principle the artist is using the same process in a digital format as paints on an actual linen or cotton material canvas. The principle is the same and requires a degree of artistic skill to produce, essentially by hand on the computer screen.

Then there is the ‘digital paint system’ which is so much more technical in scope of what you can do and makes the above system relative child’s play frankly not to denigrate the skill of digital artists of course. But incorporates the digital paint program within the application.

The digital paint system is what you see on the screen in blockbuster movies like Jurassic park for example which is the use of pixels.

So there I have my choices, I don’t need to go as elaborate as a ‘digital paint system’. My two choices are now clearly defined by my research, either:

A digital painting using a program or a realistic bricks and mortar artist painting on canvas with either oil paints or watercolor paints.

The pros and cons

The pros for a digital painting are quite simply a very fast turnaround, look great, and lower costs.

The cons are although look very authentic, for the true artisan they would pick up on the fact that it was computer generated or at least mixed-media.

For the hand-painted artwork the pros are:

The real deal painted by hand by an authentic master artist on quality canvas, a true bona fide oil painting or watercolor painting by first free-handing the outline in pencil then by a process of layering adding color and realism in the traditional way.

The cons are a longer turnaround time and a more expensive proposition.

The Decision

After all this, I feel well researched and to be able to make a very well, informed decision on what would be the best art gift for my Mother and frankly there is only one! The hand-painted portrait painting NOT the computer version.


Why did I decide to have my photo painted by hand? Well, what it came down to really is authenticity. I had no problem with the quality of the other one, in fact it looked very impressive – just wasn’t for me to present to my Mother (when I had all the info in front of me) a canvas that is not the real thing. She is in her late sixties and would not appreciate it unless it was worked on by a real artist.

And to add to my choices – I could have an artist paint in charcoal which is one of my Mother’s favorite mediums. By this point I have managed to narrow it down to either an oil painting or a charcoal drawing which with some companies you can purchase ready to hang included in the price. After much deliberation In the end I decided to commission an oil painting form a photo of my Mother’s favorite horse who recently passed. It is a photo of the horse in a paddock running toward my Mother, absolutely heartwarming when you see it.

The Artist

The choice of artist was easy after finding the right company (company info in the box at the end) you can chose in the gallery of work what artist you like and then request that particular artist.


I hope this article helps you if you have the same dilemma as me. I really think that digital versions are really special in terms of graphics, color and quality but on this occasion it came down to a very personal choice that is all. I would recommend both.

Thanks for reading!

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