Painting a Home Exterior in the Fall: Good or Bad Idea?

Painting your home’s exterior is a great way to add warmth and, should you be planning to put it on the market, add retail value. But, can you paint your home’s exterior during any season of the year or is there a time of year that is better or worse than another is?

While the answer to this varies from region to region, the simple answer is that the optimal painting season for the exterior of a building, is usually thought of as summer. However, there are some factors to be considered when determining when to pain your home’s exterior.

1. Temperature – While the optimal season is summer, that isn’t the only time it can be done. Depending on how warm your fall or spring season is, painting your home’s exterior is fine. Ideally, you would want to paint when the temperature is at least 40 degrees during the day. But if you live in an area such as the Southwestern United States where temps may be over hundred during the day and drop down to 43 at night, this can be equally bad as painting during a season where temps are below the recommended temp. Of course, if you live in a Southern region, you can paint as late as November, but if it is a colder where snow begins falling as early as October, you would be better off waiting unit the following summer.

2. Moisture -Just as important as the temperature, is the amount of moisture in the air. The way your paint dries can be affected by how low or high the humidity is. So, just because you live in area where warmer temperatures are prevalent, it doesn’t mean that painting your home’s exterior can be done during any season. You should not paint for at least 24 hours after a rain -especially if you are painting a bare wood or masonry exterior.

3. Lifestyle – If you plan on painting your home’s exterior yourself, then you will also want to consider how busy your schedule is. As oftentimes, with the resuming of school activities during the fall, you may not wish to add painting the house to your Do This Weekend list.

Yes, you can paint your home during the fall, but be sure to give careful thought to the temperature and moisture. Of course, if you will be hiring someone to do the painting for you, then be sure that they plan to take the weather into consideration. You should also be wary of any exterior painting company that promises they can paint your home no matter what the time of year, as you may be dealing with someone who is less than competent in exterior painting work.