Share Your Painting Experience With Others

It isn’t easy to select an exterior painting company. You don’t want to take your chances that it isn’t going to work out well. You don’t want to invest your time and money only to be disappointed with the outcome. Hopefully, you took the time to find someone based on the feedback of others and free estimates. Then the work was done and you are happy with it.

Now it is your turn to share that painting experience with others. It is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the exterior painting company you hired. Too often, people don’t think about sharing the good things about such services. Yet they think to do it when they aren’t happy and want to warn others about possible problems.

Complete it Soon

Don’t put off getting your review out there for others to read. Many other consumers will be looking to hire an exterior painting company like that one. They will be looking for current reviews that show the company has done recent work that has rave reviews. Complete it soon after the work is done so you don’t put it on a back burner and forget about it.

Completing it right away also allows you to do so while the information is still fresh in your mind. What is it about that particular exterior painting company that you really liked? What did they do that made you hire them from the start and then be grateful you did in the end? Gather your thoughts and then get it written!

Stick to the Facts

Your review of an exterior painting company doesn’t have to be lengthy but it should flow well. Stick to the facts and talk about how you contacted them, communication, the outcome of the job, the overall value for the price, and communication with them. These are the types of things that others will be looking for before they hire such a service provider.

If they went out of their way to complete something for you, talk about that. When a company goes the extra mile, it speaks volumes about their customer service. It means they take the time to handle each customer uniquely and not rushing to get the job done with the same format for all of them.

Talk about how long it took them to get the job done too. Many people worry that their business will be disrupted for too long with the work being done. This is why they drag their feet to get it done. Reading your review about how timely it was done may be the encouragement they need.

Give your Information

To add more credibility to your review, include your business name or your name. Don’t be surprised if someone contacts you down the road to ask about the exterior painting company you hired. They may want to come see the work themselves before they hire them. They may ask you if the paint is still holding up and looking great now compared to when it was done.

Sharing your information about such a provider can help them to grow their business. It can help them to create a wonderful reputation and to keep their business moving in the right direction. Think about your own business branding efforts and ways you work hard to keep your customers happy. They are doing all they can to keep customers happy.

This allows them to get repeat business from earlier customers. It also encourages new customers to contact them for jobs. They would love to have a full calendar of painting jobs on the schedule. Marketing efforts alone though won’t get that done. They depend on the feedback from their customers to help make it happen.